Applying to High School

This page is to help with the high school application process. Always check with the high schools themselves to make sure you get the most updated, specific, and accurate information.

Guide to Seattle Area Catholic High Schools Link

This website has links to local area Catholic high school websites, open house dates, application deadlines, and more to help you plan accordingly for applying to schools.

Teacher Evaluation and Transcript Request Form

The first page of the Teacher Evaluation Form and the Transcript Request form need to be filled out and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher. Each school website will have these forms and how they want them completed and returned.

Transcript Request Form
Teacher Evaluation Form


Private high schools have specific tests they want students to take.

    • Catholic High Schools: the High School Placement Test (HSPT) is used by many of the schools. Some schools have posted testing date (late November/early December) information, but some schools have not. Check each school you’re interested in to find out about their placement test dates.
    • Other Private High Schools: many other private schools use either the ISEE or SSAT tests as part of their admissions process. Please make sure to check each school for which tests they accept and register for the test.

High School Application Timeline

    • September – October: attend open house and informational nights.
    • October – November: register for placement test(s), start online application process, and turn in teacher recommendation forms (early is best to give teachers time to complete).
    • November – December: testing and transcript requests to office.
    • December: make sure all forms, fees, and testing is completed.
    • Early January: applications due.